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BET Scores Big With The Game!

Posted Jan 12, 2011

It looks like the BET network is going to get the last laugh in this conversation with the official numbers released today on the premiere of The Game.

If you didn’t know, The CW network officially canceled the series The Game and wanted no more of having to do with comedy on their network. According to them, the series was barely hanging on and it was decided to axe the show.

When the axe fell BET maneuvered and picked up the show making slight changes on the way (budgetary) and picked up the show for broadcast and it paid off huge for them.

The return drew a massive audience of 7.7 million viewers last night for the sitcom’s fourth season premiere. That is the most watched series telecast on the network, and No. 2 overall, behind the 2009 BET Awards, which drew 10.2 million viewers days after the death of Michael Jackson.

Speaking of BET, their other new scripted comedy, Let’s Stay Together, did great too, attracting 4.4 million for its debut.

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