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New Line One Step Closer To 'Friday 4' With Ice Cube & Chris Tucker!

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We discovered this morning that New Line Cinemas is one step closer to signing comedian Chris Tucker to join Ice Cube, and many others for the new Friday 4 film. We hear that although no one is signed, we hear that Ice Cube has made it a top priority to have Chris Tucker in the film. As of this writing, he has not officially agreed to be in the film despite the many reports stating otherwise.

We can confirm that if Tucker does come back in the film, he will join a cast that the studio is stating they are going after to star. The cast would include Katt Williams, Mike Epps, Terry Crews, and John Witherspoon. We also hear that Cube is going to try to cast some new comedians in the film to bring a new “fresh’ appeal. We do know that Cube Vision is interested in possibly adding either Brandon T. Jackson or Bow Wow, as they worked with them both for Lottery Ticket.

As this story develops, we will have more details!

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  1. Rita Mullins

    Omg j love Ice Cube & all of the other cast members I belive this Friday 4 would have my guts aching for a week from all the laugher man I love you guys. Hey craig what about Pinky Nicca=)

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