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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Earthquake As He Talks About His Netflix Special ‘Legendary’ And More!

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We got a chance to talk to the comedian known Earthquake, one of Washington D.C.’s finest, as he discusses his new Netflix comedy special titled Legendary!

In the interview ‘Quake opened up about his thoughts on how he felt being the first special ever to be produced by Dave Chappelle. You ever wondered what a person as successful as Earthquake has left to accomplish? Well, we did too, and ‘Quake got into it with us to give us the desires he has left to accomplish. He also spoke on his thoughts on comedians today, and while we were talking about comedians he mentioned his thoughts on the DL Hughley and Kanye West situation- and he got candid about that (to say the least).

Check out the interview below (and scroll past the first few minutes because I had to ramble on while I waited for him to join the conversation :)).

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