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EXCLUSIVE-BET Preps To Launch ANOTHER Late Nite Talk Show!

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We just discovered that Black Entertainment Television is in the early stages of launching ANOTHER late night talk show format. We hear that the show may be based in Los Angeles instead of in Atlanta as The Mo’Nique Show was, and we also hear that there are interviews going on right now as they are focusing on five comedians to host.

The question that we have is who are the five comedians to host the show? To us, it’s almost obvious that they may go after the similar type of host that they had with Mo’Nique with a person like Niecy Nash or a Sherri Shepherd. They may even go after a male host, and since they love Kevin Hart so much right now, he might be in play BUT we doubt it. Hart is too busy. SO besides the obvious choices, we think that they may cast someone new. If so, who would you pick if you were them?

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  1. Joshua

    Bruce Bruce,, Michael Colyar, Tracy Morgan, Jay Lamont,DeRay, Talent, Wayne Brady , Patrice O’nealm Marina Franklin, Garrett Morris,Sinbad , Wanda Sykes , Godfrey, Paul Mooney, Eddie Griffin Eddie Griffin , Arsenio Hall , Ron G, Damon Wayans , Tiffany Haddish.

    Some Combination of those guys… imagine Paul Mooney and Patrice O’neal together??

  2. Miguel

    I’ll add a few more David Alan Grier, Corey Holcomb , Lavell Crawford, Aries Spears, Mike Epps, Debra Wilson,Dean Edwards, DL hughley , Dick Gregory, Arnez J and Loni Love….there ain’t no shortage of funny black folks…those are the ones you don’t see on tv though…Ediie , Tucker, Katt, Chappelle, Rock, Cedric,Ricky Smiley Jamie Foxx , Martin Underwood etc….will always have work

  3. parker

    Why on earth does the host have to be a comedian? Don’t these guys over at BET get tired of producing subpar,substandard programming.
    Why can’t they get a great host wgo just has great interviewing skills,is produceable and just happens to have thought provoking, on the mark comedic timing?No one want to look at Niecy Nash,or Sherri shepard they are alrealready hard enough on the eyes fake hair and all.
    Neither one is witty enough to stand solely on their own.
    Mike is sharp but doesn’t work as a host and again who the hell want to see a full hour of Bruce Bruce? DL Hughley had his own show on a regular cable network and the same for Wanda Sykes both were miserable bombs with poor ratings.
    Here’s a consolation go out there and do some work by casting it as any smart network would do.
    BET’s consistent if not rhetorical battle to stay at the bottom of the barrel in the television world with celebrations in mediocrity and no original programming is a common thread by nature for a channel who once showed promise but continues to offer nothing but lackluster performances.
    Its leadership should take heed fire everyone and overhaul its entire organization.

  4. WOODY

    They already had a good host in Mo’nique. They should leave well enough alone.

  5. WHAT

    TONY ROBERTS of course!!

  6. Adam

    I agree with Parker. At the same time I think that there is a void in the late night talk show field white and black alike and while we should have a late night talk show there shouls also be alot of original programming on BET and not just reality shows and reruns. Enough with that Ish!

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