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Will Smith Discusses The Latest News About Bad Boys 3!

Posted May 5, 2012

In a recent article from the new press junket about Men In Black 3, actor Will Smith discussed the latest about the possibility of a new Bad Boys 3 film! The Smith film, which also starred comedian Martin Lawrence, has long been rumored to have taken place, but because of scheduling conflicts early on the film never got underway. The Michael Bay directed films also was thought to be completely dead in the water, but the discussions still persist. Check out the article from the site;

With this month’s Men in Black III, Will Smith returns to screens after a four year absence.  That might not seem too long, but consider that from 1995 to 2008, Smith starred in at least one major motion picture every single year like clockwork.  His third turn as Agent K in the second Men in Black sequel is the first time we’ve seen him onscreen since 2008’s Seven Pounds, and with the return of one of the last true international movie stars, attention is naturally focused on his potential future projects.

IAR‘s Jami Philbrick was present at the Los Angeles press day for Men in Black III, where Smith provided updates on two potential starring vehicles: another go-around in Bad Boys III and starring alongside Denzel Washington in an Uptown Saturday Night remake.

1995’s Bad Boys marked the feature directorial debut of Michael Bay, and was an important moment in Smith’s transition from Fresh Prince of Bel Air to bona fide action star.  In 2003, he and Martin Lawrence reprised their respective roles as Miami narcotics cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett.  Since then, a second sequel has been discussed by the stars and director from time to time.  While Smith is definitely open to the possibility, but was also non-committal.

“I love making those movies,” said Smith. “It’s Miami, the tight T-shirt and fast cars, but just at this point in my career the material has to be right. Just because it’s a popcorn movie doesn’t mean that you don’t have something to say. Then, to me, that’s hugely important. I’m forty three and I’ve got probably…I’m looking at maybe seven more years where I can run and jump a little bit and then I’m going butt and gut for the rest of my career. Butt and gut.”

So don’t expect Bad Boys III any time soon, but don’t necessarily rule it out entirely.  Moving on.

Last month, Deadline reported that Warner Bros. signed Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and The Other Guys director Adam McKay to develop and direct a remake of Uptown Saturday Night Syndey Poitier‘s 1974 action-comedy. That film starred Poitier and Bill Cosby as two friends on a quest to retrieve a stolen wallet that contains a winning lottery ticket, and Warner Bros is keen on getting Smith and Denzel Washington to star in the remake.

Smith, who is producing Uptown Saturday Night through his production company Overbook Entertainment, said, “We’re working on it, trying to get it together, me and Denzel [Washington]. So, that would be a great thing, considering that. Again, the material has to be right to deserve all that manpower.”

Asked whether he would play the Cosby or the Poitier role, Smith responded, “I don’t know. We would figure it out as we got into it and see who’s more comfortable because I first asked Denzel and he said, ‘I’m not funny, man.’ I said, ‘See, that was funny, that you said that.’ He was as little concerned about the comedy. I’m like, ‘Man, come on. It’s going to be fantastic.'”

If Uptown Saturday Night comes together the way Warner Bros is hoping, McKay will direct once he completes work on the long-awaited Anchorman sequel, which is scheduled to shoot next year for a 2014 release.

Smith, meanwhile, will be starring with his son Jaden Smith in the science fiction adventure After Earth, directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  That film, written by Gary Whitta and Stephen Gaghan, is set to hit theaters on June 7, 2013.  Smith’s also long been rumored to be popping up in a supporting role in Winter’s Tale, an adaptation of Mark Helprin‘s incredible novel that will mark the feature directorial debut of I Am Legend producer and Lost in Space screenwriter Akiva Goldsman.

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