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Will Arsenio Hall Land New Late Night Talk Show On Magic Johnson's New Channel?!

Posted May 21, 2012

After Arsenio Hall’s win on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday night, steam has been picking up for Arsenio to land on his own new talk show for late night television, especially after he stated that he wanted to return to late night several times on the program. Our sources told us something Sunday night after the show (and after Arsenio was crowned the winner of this season’s Celebrity Apprentice) that made it seem like there is some serious talks going on about him coming back.

Well, after we spoke to several of our sources we heard that Arsenio really is in play as TMZ stated yesterday in their report, but our sources told us something even more; we heard that Arsenio is seriously considering launching his new talk show on Magic Johnson’s new channel he is launching called Aspire.

Now we are not certain how serious this is, but to us this makes sense because of the relationship between the two and since Magic is aggressively looking for content to have to launch his channel. We do know this; our sources seem to state these talks are happening and it would be a perfect fit. We are not sure how this would all work out financially, but we do know these talks are early on in the discussion.

If you haven’t heard about Aspire, its a 24-hour channel with a focus on what Johnson called positive, uplifting images of African Americans. The basic cable outlet will join other channels targeting black viewers, such as BET and TV One, and will offer opportunities for blacks who have struggled to find work in mainstream Hollywood. Aspire is expected to launch this summer.

Anyway, we will see if this materializes. More on this soon!

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