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Whoopi Goldberg Revives Her Sister Act!

Posted Jul 9, 2010

We just discovered that Whoopi Goldberg is about to do something she should have done years ago- and that’s  revive a very popular character. As you all may know, it has been 18 years since Whoopi Goldberg first donned a nun’s habit in the film Sister Act, but she couldn’t stay away from the singing convent forever. And this time, she’s hitting the stage in England.

Goldberg will be taking over the role of Mother Superior in Sister Act in London from August 10-31st, The Guardian reports.

The show opened in London a year ago. When production first began, Goldberg ruled out being a part of it. But apparently Whoopi has had a change of heart; it will be the first time the comedian will have performed in London’s famous West End.

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