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WATCH: Stand Up Comedy Tribute Featuring Charlie Murphy

Posted Apr 12, 2017

AXS TV celebrates the life and laughs of entertainer Charlie Murphy with a special encore presentation of his July 2013 GOTHAM COMEDY LIVE episode—re-airing Thursday, April 13, at 2aE/11pP. Over the course of three decades, Murphy enjoyed a successful career as a multi-talented comedian, voice actor, and writer, co-penning some of ‘The Chappelle Show’s most unforgettable sketches—including the series’ legendary Rick James and Prince segments—which he also appeared in. Murphy passed away today, April 12, at the age of 57.

In the clip, the Brooklyn native talks about his love for the Gotham Comedy Club as a venue that gives performers freedom to truly express themselves, saying, “When I had the opportunity to come down here and entertain y’all, I said I’m comin’ right down here! ‘Cause I know it’s uncensored, and I can say some s—t that I normally wouldn’t be able to say.” Going on to talk about some of the strange things he’s experienced in his daily life, Murphy recalls the time he saw a woman walking with a baby stroller at the mall, and the unconventional cargo he found riding inside.

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