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WATCH: ‘Rush Hour’ Star Justin Hires Does His Best Rihanna Impression!

Posted Apr 7, 2016

In a new Wrapid Fire round, actor also tells TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell why he had to move on from Ariana Grande and pick a new “bae”

Justin Hires fills the Chris Tucker role in the CBS adaptation of “Rush Hour” when it premieres on Thursday — but first, the actor stopped by TheWrap Studios to play a round of Wrapid Fire.

In his interview with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell, Hires revealed his backup profession, did his best Rihanna impression and explained how Alicia Vikander replaced Ariana Grande as his celebrity crush.

“That’s my new bae,” Hires said of the “Ex Machina” star. “I got a lady, but still, though. I’m just saying: hello.”

Source: The Wrap

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