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WATCH: New Web Sketch Series Titled ‘The Family Burns’ Starring Mitch Marchand, Cameo By Marlon Wayans

Posted Mar 27, 2020

A web series pilot written by and starring Mitch Marchand (writer, actor, comedian, producer, whom audiences remember from his appearance in the cult classic film, JUICE featuring Tupac Shakur, where he uttered the memorable “You got the Juice now, man.” line).

The series is a funny and fictitious version of his life story.

What happens if a Hip Hop one-hit wonder decided to make a comeback… at 40 years old?

Directed by P. Frank Williams. Cast: Cameos by Marlon Wayans, Affion Crockett, and Darmirra Brunson, Brely Evans as Yaya Marchand, Myles Marchand as Tommy 1, Coltrane Marchand as Tommy 2, Rocco Stowe as DJ Rock On.

Watch below;

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