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WATCH: ‘Just A Couple Of Guys At The Movies’ With Guest Lance Woods, Reviews ‘Halloween Kills’!

Posted Oct 16, 2022
Halloween Kills' is a Severely Disappointing Sequel at Best...

In this new show titled ‘JUST A COUPLE OF GUYS… AT THE MOVIES‘ the guys review the hit new film ‘HALLOWEEN KILLS’. This new show has host Frank Holder ask comedians their thoughts about a film that they were able to see, and their thoughts on the film.

This week comedian Lance Woods is our guest host, as he tells us his thoughts on the new scary film and if he would recommend it to his friends while we hit the theaters to ask some folks as they exit the theater immediately after seeing it. We also ask Woods about a new trailer we dropped in his lap, the trailer for the new House Party remake that is set to debut in January.

‘Halloween Kills’ stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, Judy Greer, and Dylan Arnold, and was directed and written by David Gordon Green.

HALLOWEEN KILLS is in theaters now.

Watch the review below;

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