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WATCH: Jamie Foxx Impersonates Jay Z

Posted Nov 15, 2017

Jamie Foxx almost perfected his Jay-Z impersonation and recently showed it off to TMZ. The media outlet caught the multi-talented actor and singer and asked him for a Jay-Z impression. Foxx imitated rapper’s laugh and vocal tone for the camera shouting out “Marcy projects.”

Foxx also said he’s fine with Jay being political at this shows. “Jay-Z could do whatever the f**k he wanna do. He home!” said Foxx. The actor was leaving Poppy Monday in WeHo when TMZ spoke with him.

Foxx also does a Vin Diesel impression that he showed off a few months back. The actor joins a few other comedians who have developed classic Jay-Z impressions like Aries Spears and Jay Pharoah. Rapper impersonations have become somewhat of a viral hit on the internet and are frequently used by Spears and other comedians during their standup routine.

Watch Jamie impersonate Jay-Z above.

SOurce: TMZ

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