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WATCH: Interview With Kraig Smith Of Roast Dominoes League

Posted Apr 4, 2023

The Humor Mill recently got a chance to sit down with comedian, content creator, and actor, Kraig Smith to discuss Roast Dominoes League, a brand new live competition series that takes the art form of trash talk to an entirely new level.  


In case you are not familiar, Kraig Smith has over 120M views across all social media platforms and has gained a new following through hosting multiple shows across the live-streaming platform known as Caffeine. With the live weekly series, Roast Dominoes League, Kraig has fostered a loyal community centered around rap music and shit-talking where his fans can watch their favorite competitors from the world of music, comedy, and culture throw down against one another. 

Fans can watch new episodes of Roast Dominoes League LIVE, every Sunday, and on-demand on Caffeine, via @TheComedyPress 

Check out the new trailer of the upcoming season HERE on Caffeine!

Check out the interview below, as our host, Eunice Elliott sits down the Kraig Smith below;

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