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WATCH: Exclusive Interview With The Comedian Known As Akintunde As He Reveals His Plans For A New Studio, VR Comedy Tour, & More!

Posted Oct 28, 2022

Comedian, Actor, Podcaster, and Producer, Akintunde has launched his “Love & Laughter” hybrid comedy tour combining live tour stops, livestream virtual and Metaverse tour dates. The tour is drawing impressive numbers live in-person and during Metaverse stops in Meta’s (formerly Facebook) Horizon World and Microsoft’s Alt Space. On Wednesday, October 19th,  the tour live-streamed from his WF Media Group studio stage via Facebook Live with special guest Corie Johnson, on Saturday, October 22, Akintunde and fellow comedian Jason Earls co-headlined Horizon World’s Soapstone Comedy Club exceeding capacity so much so that several “instances” within the Metaverse had to be created to accommodate the turnout. On the following evening, the two played to a capacity audience for the official launch of Akintunde’s Virtual Comedy Lounge in Alt Space.

“Where as Covid-19 turned the world of live stand up comedy upside down, Virtual Reality comedy offers the live comedy experience in a virtual space. Saturday night was an amazing celebration of the union,” says Jason Earls.

The “Love & Laughter” tour kicked off on Saturday, October 8th in Triangle VA during the L.O.L.G.C.A. comedy conference and continued on to an impressive turnout in the Holiday Inn Ballroom Statesboro GA. Up next, the tour heads to Antioch CA, and Hollywood FL. The first leg continues through November into early December with a few spot dates throughout the holidays before launching the second leg in January for a six-week run ending at the end of February 2023.

Featured in Horizon World Avatar form (Pictured L-R) Virtual Comedy Lounge partner, Pastor Lewis Tucker, Akintunde, and comedian Jason Earls post-show at the Soapstone Comedy

We got a chance to talk to Akintunde about this new venture, his new comedy tour, and his plans in the virtual comedy world with the new comedy club.

Check out the full interview below:

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