WATCH: Dave Chappelle In This New Unaired ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch!

This past weekend Dave Chappelle shook the world and our hearts with his Saturday Night Live debut. We saw him (and Chris Rock) as a prophetic election observer, saw him revive some of the most notable Chappelle’s Show characters (only to off one for good,) saw him affectionately introduce A Tribe Called Quest for what could be the storied hip-hop crew’s very last on-screen moment.

But what we didn’t see was the unicorn of comedy transform into a not-so-graceful and very entitled swan in one of the show’s omitted sketches, which has just been liberated for all the internets to see. The sketch was left out due to timing restraints, but you can watch Dave Chappelle play a very angry swan in this unaired Saturday Night Live skit down below. Hope with us all that another NYC residency isn’t too far down the pipeline, and that Lorne Michaels has the good sense to bring the irreverent legend back for another go. And if you’re not into the whole sketch-by-sketch viewing scheme, head over to Hulu to peep the episode in its entirety and tune in this week for Kristen Wiig’s return.

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