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WATCH Big Daddy Kane’s Return To Acting In ‘Exposed’!

Posted Dec 8, 2015

Since 1993 Big Daddy Kane has shown us another side of him with his impressive acting chops. The Bedford-Stuyvesant legend has appeared in a handful of films since then, including 2011’s Dave Chappelle’s Block Party, where he played himself. Today we’ve received word the hip-hop heavyweight will appear on the big screen once again, this time alongside a number of award-winning actors and actresses.

Originally named Daughter of God, Exposed tells the story of a detective (played by Keanu Reeves) who is bent on figuring out what led to the death of his partner. There’s no word yet on who Big Daddy Kane – born Antonio Hardy – will portray, but according to the trailer he may play the movie’s antagonist. The thriller will also star actresses Ana de Armas and Mira Sorvino.

Exposed was filmed on location in Brooklyn and is scheduled to premiere at a limited number of theaters January 22. Catch the trailer below.

Source: Vlad TV

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