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Veteran Actor John Amos Lands In New Martin Lawrence Show On CBS!

Posted Apr 10, 2012

If you recall, several weeks ago we disclosed to you that Martin Lawrence was coming back to television, and later that week news was revealed that Regina Hall was added to the show. Well, now it seems that veteran actor John Amos has been added to the cast as the producers have been adding to the cast and starting to round out the show. Check out the complete article that was released from Deadline several days ago:

From Deadline;

John Amos, Ethan Suplee and Sydney Park have been added to the cast of CBS’ Martin Lawrence comedy pilot, which stars Lawrence as Ty, A widowed father of two teenagers who, after losing his job in construction, decides to become a rookie cop at age 46. Mary Tyler Moore Show alum Amos will play Captain Lorenzo, Ty’s commanding officer, an erudite, antique-collecting family man who is very tough and no-nonsense under his deceptively calm demeanor. My Name Is Earl alum Suplee will play Travis, Ty’s new partner, an earnest, exuberant, straight-shooter. Park will play Kim, Ty’s 16-year-old daughter.

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