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UPDATE- Details Revealed On Donnivin Jordan's New Show On BET Titled 'Got Game'!

Posted Apr 7, 2014

Earlier today we told you the news that comedian Donnivin Jordan, probably best know for his role in the show Hell Date and his comic appearances on Aspire’s Laff Mobb’s We Got Next and BET’s ComicView, had landed a lead role as host for a new show titled Got Game.

At that time we couldn’t tell you any more details because we hadn’t heard anything. Well, today BET held their up-fronts (which is an announcement of their new upcoming shows for the upcoming season) and we discovered more details about the show.

First, we discovered that Jordan is the host of the new show, as he will put a contestant in a room where they will have to choose from three others who they would like to date. The catch here is that the three people are all in ugly disguises and the lone contestant must pick who to date based on their conversation, hence the GOT GAME.

After a choice is made, the final contestant reveals their real appearance to the host and the person who is choosing. As you can expect, the camera will then catch their honest reaction to whoever is picked with either comedic responses or more.

As of this writing, the show has yet to be filmed and BET is planning on airing the show in the fall, maybe with a debut in October. We hear that shooting may start next month.

Stay tuned as this story is developing!

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