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Tyler Perry & Lionsgate To Launch New Cable Channel!

Posted Aug 10, 2011

We just discovered that Tyler Perry and Lionsgate Studios have partnered again to launch a new cable broadcast channel tentatively titled Tyler TV.

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety both are reporting that the channel will probably be a faith based channel, and will feature re-runs of Meet The Browns and House Of Payne, along with “faith based” programming.

In case you didn’t know, Lionsgate is the studio that distributes all of the Tyler Perry films as they have a 10 picture deal with him, while television syndicator  Debar-Mercury -owned by Lionsgate- distributes his two shows Meet The Browns and House Of Payne.

Both outlets The Hollywood Reporter and Variety have stated that they are not sure if Lionsgate will launch a channel from scratch of switch the programming from TV Guide to Tyler TV, as Guide is also owned by Lionsgate.

Either way, details are real sketchy, so stay tuned.

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