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Toldja! Beverly Hills Cop May Be A Reality Soon- For Television!

Posted Oct 25, 2011

If you recall, almost a year ago (give or take a couple of months) we reported that Paramount Studios was thinking about launching Beverly Hills Cop 4, and when those plans didn’t work out there were talks that the film would relaunch with a new actor, and maybe without the star of the franchise, Eddie Murphy. Remember? If you remember that news, we even told you that comedic actor Brandon T. Jackson was mentioned as the new Axel Foley (the role that Murphy most famously played).

Well, today on BET’s 106 & Park, Eddie Murphy confirmed almost everything we stated back then. He did add that the new film would probably have Jackson or Kevin Hart and that either actor would be playing his son. The most important news he did drop was that the film would probably spin off into a television show!

Anyway, here is the clip of the show;

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