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EXCLUSIVE- Kevin Hart's 'Think Like A Man' To Open The Pan African Film Festival!

Posted Dec 12, 2011

Although comedian Kevin Hart’s new film Think Like A Man doesn’t open until March 2012, it looks like audiences at the Pan African Film Festival will get the first chance to see the film, as we hear its set to open the festival. Our sources say the festival is hammering out a deal right now with the studio for a Los Angeles premiere as  the festival’s opening night film. We also hear an announcement won’t be made until after the holidays, but remember, you heard it hear first!

The Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) is gearing up to take movie goers on a cinematic journey with international film screenings from around the globe. The film festival is the nation’s largest and most prestigious Black film festival. Over the years, it has showcased films from all parts of the world, representing such countries as Angola, Austria, England, Bermuda, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, South African, Nigeria, and of course, the United States. With the pulse on the international film market, PAFF has opened the minds of its audiences, and transported them to lands far away and back home again.

No official word on the date of opening night but we hear that it’s February 9-20, 2012.

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