The Wayans Brothers Take Over The Tom Joyner Morning Show!

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What happens when you get four of the funniest comedians together who just happen to be brothers?

Well you’ve got a lot of funny!

Keenen (56), Damon (53), Shawn (43) and Marlon Wayans (41) are known around the world as some of the funniest comedians in the game. And they’re finally going on tour together!

‘The Wayans Brothers Tour’ brings the siblings on stage together and gives a sneak peek of how their upbringing in New York just might’ve been.

But first, the funnymen stop by the TJMS for an entire hour to talk about their highly anticipated tour, growing up in poverty and what’s it like to grow up in a household full of 10 kids (all 10 siblings work in the entertainment industry as writers, directors, actors and comedians).

We broke down the funny all hour so if you missed any of the action, be sure to listen below! And if you’re thinking of a checking the brothers out on tour, you can find what city they’ll be in too!

Big brother Keenen Ivory Wayans has joined the party! Just how tough was the oldest brother? You won’t believe which brother he gave a spanking to at age 11. Hear some of the funny below! Source: Black America Web

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