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'The Roast Battle' To Debut In New York At The Gramercy Theater!

Posted Nov 3, 2014

In the past we have mentioned the new comedy show that everyone in Los Angeles is talking about, The Roast Battle, as its easily one of the hottest shows in the country.

In the past the show has seen the likes of many celebrities come in to host or to battle. In the past several weeks, the likes of Dave Chappelle, Russell Simmons, Sarah Silverman, Jon Mayer and many more have ventured in to the club to judge or to watch.

Well, as we also stated, it seems that the show is about to take a venture and hit the East Coast as we discovered that the show is about to debut in New York (Manhattan to be exact) at the The Gramercy Theater on Saturday Nov 8th at 10pm!

The main event will feature comedians Jay Oakerson and Ari Shaffir.

If you recall we told you The Roast Battle is a comedy show that pairs up two comedians who roast each other. The show happens to be in the Belly Room of The Comedy Store and over the last year many comedians have performed. Founders of the show, comedians Brian Moses (the host) and Rell Battle (one of the show’s judges and known as the ‘Don King‘ of the show) are the center pieces while comedian Jeff Ross is The Roast Master.

The appeal of the show is that The Roast Battle is unique because its not a while or a black comedy show that would feature a white or a black audience dictated by the promoters or the line up. Its a show that has everyone included regardless of race or nationality pairing off against the other. There is young versus old, new comic versus the veteran, the white comic versus the Indian comedian, the old black comedian versus the young black comic and so on. The show is a no-holds barred comedy show with a roast master (Ross) with other guest judges. In the past the judges have included Brett Ratner, Affion Crockett, Sarah Silverman, Craig Robinson, Esau McGraw, James Davis, Sydney Castillo and tons of other celebrities.

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