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The New 'Beverly Hills Cop' Will NOT Be Picked Up To A Series By CBS!

Posted May 10, 2013

Eddie Murphy2Ok, we have to admit it we are shocked; after all of the news today that was released about which shows were picked up (we heard Scandal, and the new Ironside starring Blair Underwood among them) we were waiting on the news from CBS about the new Beverly Hills Cop TV show starring Brandon T. Jackson and Executive Produced by Eddie Murphy (who also has a small role).

We hear that the show will not be picked up by CBS. That’s clearly the biggest news of the day.

The show, with a reboot from Shawn Ryan had multiple suitors before landing at CBS in a bidding war last fall, will be shopped elsewhere, we are sure. BHC, produced by Sony TV and Paramount is now hitting the other networks looking for a buyer and as of this writing there is conversation about interest from at least 2 networks.

Stay tuned, the news on this is developing!


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