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The Eddie Murphy As The Riddler Rumor Officially Put To Rest!

Posted Jul 23, 2010

We just discovered that there is supposed to be a major announcement this weekend at The Comic Con Convention about the upcoming Batman 3 film- yet to be titled (which is also supposedly about to start shooting).

We hear that comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is officially out of the race of being the Riddler, a role that he coveted to portray his dramatic acting chops (especially since Heath Ledger bought a different take on the character of the Joker and nailed the role. Many believe Ledger was the best role of a villain ever played on screen AND it lead him to an Academy Award in The Dark Knight).

We heard that Murphy wanted to show his dramatic skills again which he showed to many in the film Dreamgirls and lead him to an Academy Award nomination.

Since he was rumored to be in line for the role, the rumors- which started in Britain- began to circulate that Murphy would possibly get a shot, even though there was no script, no cast or even  the director Christopher Nolan attached.

Well, all of that is over now as we just discovered that Inception and 500 Days Of Summer star Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be set for a new role, as The Riddler, and an announcement is set to be made at Comic Con. The actor stars in Christopher Nolan‘s new film Inception, and is thought to be set for the director’s next project.

Nolan has already confirmed that he won’t be recasting Heath Ledger’s character, The Joker, after the actor died in 2008, months after finishing work on The Dark Knight.

The film will be released in 2012.

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