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The Damon Williams Show Joins The Humor Mill Radio Network!

Posted Mar 18, 2014

As we have been reporting for weeks, The Humor Mill Radio Network will start broadcasting several hosted type comedy shows from all over the country. These shows will be just like the morning drive or afternoon drive shows, with hosts and special guests. Each show will be unique in it’s own way, and most importantly it will be featured in urban comedy!

Up first, we have comedian Damon Williams, who can be heard on The Tom Joyner Morning Show where he broadcasts the Seriously Ignant News weekly with his style of comedy.

Williams’ show will be known as The Damon Williams Show, based in Chicago where he and co-host Kevin Williams (no relation) give the listeners a weekly look at whats going on in the comedy world from Chi-Town. This week’s episode features comedians Adele Givens, Marcus Combs and Brian ‘Wildcat’ Smith and more!

To hear the new episode all you have to do is tune in to (or press the PLAY button on the right and the station will start. The Humor Mill Radio Network is also available on Itunes Radio and! Starting next week, we will be live on Wednesday 2-4PM CST!

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