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The Comedy Shaq Network Gears Up For YouTube Launch!

Posted Oct 30, 2011

As you may heave read by now, it appears that YouTube is about to take on the cable industry with a new initiative in television. The news released Friday announced over 100 channels that are about to jump in the new market, and several of these channels are about to tackle the urban comedy scene.

Up first in the market is Jeff Clanagan, one of the partners in the new Comedy Shaq Network, as he has partnered with former NBA All Star Shaquille O’Neal to launch their own comedy channel. As you can imagine, this channel will have exclusive content because of the behind-the-scenes footage that will be gathered from the Shaq All Star Comedy Jam Tour. What you can also expect from the channel is some exclusive content as we confirmed that Clanagan has licensed the rights to the entire Def Comedy Jam Library (which is 7 seasons which includes 101 episodes) but at this point we don’t know what his roll out strategy for the series is yet. After all, he produced and released Kevin Hart’s Laugh At My Pain theatrical film and it has grossed 7.6 million dollars, which is well above any Hollywood expectation for a stand up comedy feature.

There will be no doubt that lots of content from the tour of both brands will be made available to the viewer, but what other content that will be available will be a mystery. What is for sure is that whatever you think may happen, Clanagan has time and time again shocked the industry and always done the unexpected.

With the Codeblack library at his disposal (Clanagan is the CEO of Codeblack Entertainment with over 200 titles under the brand), plus the above mentioned content it seems that Clanagan has a head start on many of the channels included in the initial launch.

Only time will tell.

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