Red Grant

Urban Movie Channel Continues Fall Out Friday Slate With ‘The Comedy Underground’ Series Hosted By Red Grant

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The ‘Comedy Underground Vol. 4’ Official Trailer Debuts!

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Red Grant Debuts His New DVD/CD Directed By Snoop Doggy Dogg!

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Snoop Dogg To Launch New ‘Dog House Of Comedy’ Hosted By Red Grant!

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Red Grant Headlines A Peace Comedy Show At The Baltimore Comedy Factory This Weekend!

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Sketch Spotlight: The State Of Ratchetness Starring Red Grant, Tiffany Haddish And D'Lai!

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A Tribute To Comedian James Hannah!

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Check Out 'The Hilarious Holiday Comedy Festival'!

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Comedian Kiana Dancie Presents 'The Komedy Kocktails Show'!

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Today's Daily Humor- Featuring Donnell Rawlings In 'Hoodfellas'!

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