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Spotlight: Brand New Web Series From Comedian Alex Thomas Titled 'The Funny Don't Stop'!

Posted Nov 11, 2014

Alex ThomasWe just got news from our friend actor and veteran comedian Alex Thomas, who has been in every comedy show from HBO’s  Def Comedy Jam to having his own special, is about to drop a brand new web series.

We hear that the new web series will be titled The Funny Don’t Stop and will tackle all of the drama that goes on behind the scenes in comedy from Alex’s perspective. It should be interesting series because many folks don’t know that Thomas, a newlywed and an entrepreneur has been around a long time and he has seen just about everything that can happen in the world of comedy- and in the world of sports because of his relationships with a tons of athletes. As an entrepreneur, Thomas has several charities that he donates to or has benefits which he has raised several thousands of dollars for.

Anyway, check out the first look below:

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