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Speedy Hosts New Comedy Show With Ron Artest For Foxxhole Comedy Show Coming This Fall!

Posted Jul 26, 2010

As we reported several weeks ago, we hear that the comedian known as Speedy (also goes by the name Speedy Caldwell) is about to Host the Foxxhole Presents Comedy Show (the working title), which will be a comedy taping that will eventually be produced as a DVD. We also just discovered that Speedy will co-host the show with NBA player Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers.

We also just discovered that the show will not only be produced as a comedy DVD, but we hear that the Foxxhole plans on taking this show out on tour with some of the same comics used for the show for a fall comedy tour.

So far we hear comedians Smokey, Damon Williams, Cocoa Brown, Mark Viera, Ron Gee, and Rob Stapleton are scheduled to perform. There is also a musical performance scheduled which we hear is going to be Lloyd.

The show will be produced in conjunction with NBA player Bobby Jackson of the Sacramento Kings, as it will benefit his charitable organization which we will discover and get back to you about shortly.

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