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Sommore Finally Addresses Rift With Sheryl Underwood On 'The Breakfast Club'!

Posted Nov 8, 2014

SOmmoreAs you all know by now over a month ago Sheryl Underwood discussed on The View one of her deepest, darkest secrets, as it put the limelight squarely on The Queens Of Comedy. 

Underwood revealed that back in the 1990s, she was up for a part on The Queens of Comedy tour, Walter Latham’s female spinoff of The Kings of Comedy. But Underwood said before she had a chance to accept the role, she overheard three stars of the show talking smack about her on a conference call.

Underwood said urban comics Laura Hayes, Adele Givens and Sommore were trash talking her comedic abilities – and her appearance — without realizing she was on the line.

Fast forward a couple of weeks since the episode and all of the drama that has ensued as Adele Givens stated to us that she was planning on filing a lawsuit against Underwood and CBS, and Laura Hayes has published a seething letter about Underwood on her blog that has many still talking about it.

Noone heard anything from Sommore; that is until yesterday.

At that time, Sommore got a chance to address the situation with The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 while she was in new York for The New York Comedy Festival.

Check out what she had to say:


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