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Sketch Spotlight: Comedy High Releases Donald Trump Musical Parody!

Posted Sep 14, 2015

Comedy High urges all to Rock The Vote with their new single, “Carrot Cake” and #DumpTrump

Comedy High launches a political satire music video starring 80’s nostalgia parody band Raven Bran called, “Carrot Cake” targeting Donald Trump. The music video features comedian Jesenia, actress Jenni Ruiza, and comedian Andre McSween calling out republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and his hypocritical  and racist efforts to lead a nation by bashing immigrants, despite his past. The video also exposes his lack of ethics within his politics.

Written & performed by Jesenia with backup vocals by Jenni Ruiza – “Carrot Cake” is an intelligent and hilarious musical mix of songs “I Can’t Go For That” by Hall & Oates and Soul System’s “Lovely Day” fusing 80’s pop with 90’s rap.

The song’s focus is to inform the public, specifically voters, on the corrupt politics and hypocritical extremist practices of Donald Trump, urging people to Rock The Vote and share the video with the hashtag, #DumpTrump.

Comedy High produces female-driven comedy in the form of original sketch, web series, and musical parodies that’s intelligently risqué.

Founded in 2013 by comedian Jesenia and actress Jenni Ruiza, Comedy High, (Formerly known as ‘Comedy Girls’) operates primarily in The Bronx and has most notably produced the viral video sketch, “Latino Stereotypes for Dummies”, an open letter to Lorne Michaels asking Saturday Night Live to consider hiring a Latina for their show as a writer or talent – a task that has never been done since its debut in 1975. The video can be seen here: 




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