Sketch Spotlight: Comedy Classic ‘Skank Robbers’ Featuring Jamie Foxx And Martin Lawrence!

Several years ago on the 2009 BET Awards there was a sketch that featured Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence starring as their past characters on their infamous shows- Sheneneh from the Martin show and Wanda from In Living Color.

That sketch was so popular that there were immediate conversations to seriously fast pace this as a film and Screen Gems quickly moved in to acquire the film. At that time, Foxx was writing it and Martin wanted to produce it as they moved together through Foxx’s Foxxhole and Lawrence’s Runteldat production banners.

On a side note the thought process at that time for additional casting was to also add Tyler Perry’s infamous Madea character, but it never got that far. There were conversations with Halle Berry who verbally agreed to also star in the film, and actress Tichina Arnold agreed later on. We even discovered George Lopez had agreed to do a cameo.

So with all of that star power what happened? This movie may never happen at all because ALL of the videos related to this film have been taken down everywhere. The only videos posted are by fans.

We will try to find out the update on the film but in the meantime, check out the classic comedy sketch below;

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