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Showtime Plans To Drop A Richard Pryor Documentary!

Posted Jan 13, 2012

One of our sources who was present yesterday at the Winter 2012 Television Critics Association Press Tour, heard some interesting news from Showtime’s President Of Entertainment David Nevins. He stated that they were going to invest heavily in documentaries and that one of them was going to be a doc about the late great comedian Richard Pryor. He also stated that its in the works and that the contract and minor details are being worked out with the family.

After doing some of our own research, we discovered that the network is dealing with Jenifer Pryor, who, at the moment, has the rights to Pryor’s estate as she was married to the late comedian twice over the years and had won a legal battle with his children over the estate.

Where does all of this fit in with the film that is supposed to star Marlon Wayans? As of this writing, no one knows, but we do know that the Richard Pryor biopic has stalled momentaririly and is supposed to pick up some steam in April. We will see.

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