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Shaq Comedy Network Launches Comedy Web Series Titled 'The Real Preacher's Wives'!

Posted Jun 13, 2012

We just discovered that The Shaq Comedy Network is preparing to launch a comedy web series and reality spoof of VH1’s The Basketball Wives titled The Preachers Wives starring actress Shari Headley (of Coming To America fame)!

We hear that the series is filming now and will also star Glozell Green, Nika Williams, Laila Odom (of Zane’s Sex Chronicles), Rain Morton and special appearances by Beth Payne and KJ Smith. The webisodes are being directed by Leslie Small (of Kevin Hart’s Laugh At My Pain) and was cast by Peter Wise.

The Shaq Comedy Network is in association with Codeblack Entertainment and should have several of these webisodes available shortly.

Check out the first day they met here;

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