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Set Photos Released Of New Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz Netflix Film Titled ‘Back In Action’

Posted May 17, 2024

After almost 10 years since her last movie, Cameron Diaz is finally back in action. Netflix has released the first look images for its upcoming action comedy Back in Action, starring Diaz and Jamie Foxx as a seemingly normal couple living a double life. 

Set to hit the streaming service on November 15, 2024, Back in Action reunites Annie and Any Given Sunday co-stars Diaz and Foxx for an action comedy following the pair as they get thrown back into the world of espionage — a life they left in order to start a family and live a normal, regular life. 

“Years after giving up life as CIA spies to start a family, Emily and Matt find themselves dragged back into the world of espionage when their cover is blown,” the logline reads. 

You can check out the first-look images for Back in Action down below:

Images via John Wilson/Netflix

Who else is in Back in Action?

Directed by Seth Gordon (Baywatch), who also wrote the feature alongside Brendan O’Brien, Back in Action also stars Andrew Scott (All of Us Strangers), Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction), Jamie Demetriou (Barbie), McKenna Roberts (Skyscraper), and Rylan Jackson (Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves).

Gordon also co-produced the film under Exhibit A alongside Jenno Topping, Peter Chernin, and Sharla Sumpter Bridgett for Chernin Entertainment and Beau Bauman for Good One Productions. In addition to starring, Foxx also executive produced the feature along with Datari Turner, Tim Lewis, and the film’s co-writer, O’Brien.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but after Cameron and I did Any Given Sunday and Annie together, we became friends in real life — and I’ve been begging her to come play with me again. We all know there’s just something about her,” Foxx said during the streamer’s Upfront presentation in New York City.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, on-screen and off,” said Diaz. 

Foxx and Diaz are “back in action” once the film hits Netflix on November 15.

Source: ComingSoon.Net

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