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Salli Richardson-Whitfield Lands New NBC SItcom With Roseanne Barr!

Posted Mar 20, 2012

It’s being reported that actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield has landed in a new pilot for NBC! To make the news even bigger, it seems that the show has also landed Roseanne Barr as the lead for the show, which we hear is titled Downwardly Mobile. If the show does what the Execs expect it to do for ratings, you can expect that this show will be moved into the heavy comedy night for NBC.

Anyway, here is the story first reported by Deadline;

Eureka star Salli Richardson and Greg Cromer have joined Roseanne Barr’s NBC comedy pilot Downwardly Mobile. Co-created by Barr, John Argent and showrunner Eric Gilliland, the multicamera Downwardly Mobile stars Barr as Rose, the proprietor of a mobile home park and surrogate mother to the unique people who live there in a challenging economy. Barr’s Roseanne co-star John Goodman co-stars as Rose’s buddy Buzz. Cromer will play Mr. Denby, a loveable hedge fund guy who recently lost everything in a Ponzi scheme. He’s taken his wife, Mrs. Denby (Richardson), on a “vacation” — to the trailer park — in the attempt to start fresh at the bottom. Miserable in her new surroundings, Mrs. Denby becomes Rose’s foil. This marks the first comedy series project for Richardson, repped by Innovative and manager Craig Dorfman. She spent the past five years on the Syfy series Eureka where she played Allison Blake. Her co-star on the show, Colin Ferguson, also booked a pilot, Fox’s comedy Like Father. Cromer, repped by Greene & Associates and manager Tom Harrison, has been recurring on Community and The Middle. In other Downwardly Mobile news, the pilot’s original casting director Risa Bramon Garcia, who also cast the Roseanne pilot with Billly Hopkins, was recently replaced with Anya Colloff.

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