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Rockmond Dunbar Breaks New Ground With New African Project!

Posted Jul 15, 2010

Here is an interview with actor Rockmond Dunbar, who over the years has transformed himself from not only an actor, but to also a writer, a producer, and a director. Dunbar is probably most famous for his roles in Prison Break and Showtime’s Soul Food, but over the years he has quietly honed his craft in the other aforementioned roles.

Anyway we got a chance to catch up with him at the release party of one of his latest films titled Love Chronicles. What is most impressive in this interview is Dunbar dropped us several exclusives on a new project that he is doing in Africa, as he has defined the true meaning of giving back instead of just opening his wallet. This interview is a must see! Check it out here;

Check out the complete interview here where actor, director, writer and producer Rockmond Dunbar drops several exclusives on us, including his new project in Africa!

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