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Robert Townsend's New Film "In The Hive" Kicks Off The ABFF In Miami!

Posted Jun 24, 2011

We just discovered a film that is going to open the American Black Film Festival in Miami titled In The Hive (formally titled The Discarded Boys) is directed by Robert Townsend!

We hear that the film starring Michael Clarke Duncan, Loretta Devine, Vivica Foxx and newcomer Jonathan “Lil J” McDaniel in the lead role is set to open up the festival with a lot of critical acclaim, as we hear this film is one of Townsend’s edgiest work to date.

The film is based on the real experiences of the people who attend and teach at a special school in North Carolina called “The Hive.” It’s based on a true story about this woman in North Carolina named Vivian Saunders, who basically without really any formal education, started an alternative school for all these boys who were being kicked out: gang bangers, drug dealers, and they’re all teenagers, fathers at the very young ages of 14 and 15.

The film was cast by Amber Bickham and Eileen Knight, and written by Cheryl L. West.

The ABFF kicks off July 6, 2011 in Miami. FOr more information about the film and the festival please visit!

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