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Rapper And Now Comedian Tip “T.I.” Harris Approaches Comedian While On Stage

Posted Apr 5, 2022

We knew that someone was going to get caught approaching or charging a comedian while they were on stage because of a joke-especially after what happened at the Oscars when Will Smith infamously charged the stage and slapped Chris Rock, but we didn’t think that person would be new actor, rapper, and now new comedian Tip “TI” Harris!

It seems that when comedian Lauren Knight said a joke about him TI didn’t like the joke that was said. There are about to be a lot of folks upset about this because it was a female comedian, and how it was done. Lauren Knight posted what she claims happened, and you can check that out below.

The question is- was he right to do this because of what she said, or did he violate her space as a comedian?

Check out the exchange below;

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