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Peppermint Breaks Into Comedy With New Netflix Series & Stand-Up Special

Posted Jul 24, 2023

It’s not only fashion… it’s funny!

Peppermint won over the hearts of millions of fans as a finalist on season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Since her runner-up placement on the hit show, the queen has taken on the world of entertainment in a slew of successful ways.

From the studio to the small screen and even the Broadway stage, the performer has stacked her résumé with plenty of notable credits.

Although she’s played a ton of memorable roles throughout the years, the star is now playing a character based on herself in the new Netflix series Survival of the Thickest.

“Surprise, surprise… the character’s name is Peppermint! This is one of those shows that intersect with real life, even though it’s fiction. It is based on Michelle Buteau’s real-life experiences,” Peppermint tells Out.

Although Peppermint has achieved quite a bit since her time on Drag Race, she’s still pinching herself over the idea of having a character written for her.

“Peppermint plays herself! I can’t even believe it. I’m drowning in gratitude, to be honest with you. This was a Black transwoman who lived in Harlem who is a drag entertainer. So you know… I got it!”

The star is also bringing her signature wit to her very own stand-up special So-SIGH-ety Effects, which dropped a couple of months ago. In the comedy, Peppermint gives an authentic look at being a single Black transwoman in today’s world.

“When I had the opportunity to do this, I thought of all the other comedy specials that talk about transgender people, and the ones that are out there are really influential in the wrong way. They are quite transphobic. If some comic can get up and use his platform and his skill as a comedian to talk about something he knows nothing about, which is the trans community, then I’m going to use my skill as a drag entertainer to do something I know nothing about, which is stand-up comedy. If you’re going to go into my world, I’m going to go into yours.”

Besides her commitment to the arts, Peppermint is an out-and-loud activist that is constantly fighting for LGBTQ+ equality.

“Laws are being written and there’s an attempt to legislate us out of existence, which won’t happen. I want people to hear from a trans person’s mouth and perspective about the joy and the love that we feel and the connection that we have with one another. This is the year of comedy for me because I got my comedy special [and] I have Survival of the Thickest. I feel good about that.”

Survival of the Thickest is streaming now on Netflix and So-SIGH-ety Effects is available now on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube, Vimeo, and cable providers worldwide.

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