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Paula Patton Lands Lead In New MI:4 Film!

Posted Sep 2, 2010

If you remember a couple of days ago we told you that actress Paula Patton was up for the role of a lead operative in the new feature film Mission: Impossible 4 (tentative title).

Well, it has been confirmed by several news outlets that Patton has landed that female lead role that she was testing for, alongside actresses Lauren German and Kristen Kreuk.

We hear that Patton will play a young operative who works with Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt character.

As we also told you, it looks like the film is going for a reboot.  Cruise and Director/Producer JJ Abrams, who hatched the project together, envisioned it this way thinking that there should be a new start even though we hear that the studios were first up in the air about Cruise’s involvement as a lead character because of his last couple of films not performing well in the box office.

The film begins production in the fall with Brad Bird directing, who’ll co-star with Jeremy Renner (of the Hurt Locker fame) in what was another hotly contested role.

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