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Patrice O'Neal Dedication By Comedian Wil Sylvince!

Posted Dec 7, 2011

For those of you who don’t know by now, comedian Patrice O’Neal passed away last week and left many loved ones behind including his best friend and his room mate for many years comedian Wil Sylvince.

Well, this morning, we woke up to discover that Sylvince had sent out a very moving and touching email dedicated to his friend who passed away, and we just had to share it to you.

Check it out;

In my life I had 9 different roommates I’ve lived with.  All of whom I had to curse out to get the rent money on time. Raising my pressure & stressing me out.

Then Patrice O’Neal came along and did the opposite. He would always pay the rent and bills on time but he would also curse me out. I didn’t understand it but for once I was getting the rent and bills paid on time and I was not the one doing the cursing but getting cursed at. I loved it!

If Patrice didn’t curse you out then he didn’t like you. One day I said “Patrice, why you curse & trashed everyone but that one dude over there?” Patrice said “cause I don’t like him. He doesn’t deserve my verbal abuse!

He squash all my stereo-types that I had of overweight people… He was clean, good hygiene, wasn’t lazy, didn’t leave snacks around the house, and didn’t have a hard time getting women.

Yet along the years I learned there are a lot of things I can say about Patrice O’Neal.

Like when he first moved in and we became roommates, I caught him trying to sneak a girl who wasn’t to appealing to the eye, out the apartment.
Patrice is Thoughtful

When Patrice was trying to find himself, many comedy clubs ban him because he would not stop his outrageous rants. Then a few years later those same clubs begged him to come back.

Patrice is a Renegade Leader

Many days and nights Patrice would have me laughing uncontrollably and I felt very bless because the world would have his comedy only for about an hour and I had it 24/7.
Patrice is Amazingly Funny

I can call Patrice about anything and he’d always have an answer. If Google had a customer service that you can call, it’d be Patrice.
Patrice is Incredibly Smart

When people couldn’t understand what I was saying because of my speech impediment, Patrice would chime in and and say “I can translate cause I speak fluent Wil

Patrice is Bi-Lingual

Patrice would spend thousands of dollars to buy food for 4th of July & Thanks Giving, cook it all, and invite all his friends & family over. Then curse everyone in the house out.

Patrice is Love

Yet on November 29, 2011 one thing I thought I would never say is
Patrice is dead 🙁

But 2 things I will never stop saying is

Patrice is my Best Friend

And I say “is” and not “was” cause Patrice O’Neal LIVES ON for ever!

Thank you Patrice O’Neal
Wil Sylvince
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