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On This Day In Comedy… In 1995 ‘Vampire in Brooklyn’ Was Released!

Posted Jan 15, 2017


On this day in comedy on October 27, 1995 Vampire in Brooklyn was released by Paramount Pictures

This Eddie Murphy vehicle is about a vampire in search of his mate in of all places, Brooklyn, New York.   The film co-stars Angela Bassett as the mate and Kadeem Hardison as Murphy’s unwitting ghoul.   John Witherspoon, Allen Payne, Zakes Mokae and Joanna Cassidy lend support.   In a script from Murphy, his brother Charlie and Uncle Vernon, Vampire in Brooklyn was directed by horror master, Wes Craven.

Murphy has a dilemma on his hands.  He had to seduce Bassett and convince her she is his true love or lose her forever.  She’s has no idea she’s descended from vampire stock (on her daddy’s side) and is living a human life blissfully as a cop.  Her partner is too shy to express his feelings so Bassett is vulnerable to Murphy’s advances until she finds out he’s a bloodsucker and then the deal is off.  Unfortunately, vampires never take the hint to leave and drastic measures always had to be employed.  Murphy’s case was no different.   As in all vampire movies somebody’s got to die.

Vampire in Brooklyn grossed $19.8 Million on a budget of $14 million.

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton

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