On This Day In Comedy… In 1955 Comedian Marilyn Martinez Was Born!


On this day in on February 9, 1955 Comedienne, Actress, Marilyn Martinez was born in Denver, Colorado

Martinez got an early start in show business.  The youth tap danced to much acclaim on a local TV show.   She took acting lessons and began writing polarizing comedy routines; many of them decidedly offensive to some and uproariously hilarious to others.  

Martinez was first noticed at the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood.   Her in-your-face, raw style was prefect for an era of comedy opposed to being politically correct.   She shot from the hip on topics ranging from sex to men to sex with men.  Her style was blunt, candid and original.   She once said of herself that she was a triple minority: fat, a woman and Hispanic.  

Her big break came in the mid-90s when Martinez became a member of the female Latina group, the Hot and Spicy Mamitas.   She later joined the Hot Tamales, which featured Eva Longoria.   This led to touring and recording the special the Original Latin Divas of Comedy.  

When she wasn’t on stage, Martinez was making her mark and enhancing each project where she made an appearance.     She was seen on the small screen: ABC’s My Wife and Kids (2001), Starz 1st Amendment and SiTV’s reality show, Urban Jungle (2004).   She lit up the big screen in For da Love of Money (2002) and Pauly Shore is Dead (2003).

Marilyn Martinez left behind a grieving husband and a world of comedy fans in the same condition when she passed away on November 3, 2007 of complications of diabetes.

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton


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