Canadian battle rapper Charron is ready to put up $100,000 to face off against TV personality Nick Cannon, who recently issued a challenge to the battle world.

Charron posted up a video on YouTube where he explains why he wants to battle Cannon, previews a few of his bars from the potential match-up, and even proves that he has the $100,000 to put up for the challenge by showing off a bank statement. “You have no skill fa real, not even a little bit. And you host ‘America’s Got Talent,’ you f***ing hypocrite. We see him on the camera ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing.’ What about Mariah’s alimony?” Charron also laid out the terms for the battle. He wants Cannon to put up $250,000 total and he’ll match him. He also wants to be featured on the next season of ‘Wildin Out’ if he wins the battle. “Charron, Nick Cannon. Respond if you’re really about it. And if you’re tweeting to just get attention, this is just how bad I would cook you,” he said at the end of the video.

Charron made a name for himself on BET’s Freestyle Friday and is the last ever champion on 106th and Park. He’s also worked his way up the ranks in the Canadian battle league King of the Dot and made appearances in URL and U.K. league Don’t Flop. Even though he’s ready to tear Cannon’s head off in a battle, he respects the mogul and on-air personality. “I think he’s serious,” said Charron to HipHopDX this week. “I actually like Nick Cannon and what he’s doing for battle rappers, but he put out a challenge and I’m hungry and have money.” Charron is responding to the challenge which was issued by Cannon earlier this week on Twitter where he said he wants to battle someone at the BET Experience in late June. “Yo, tell your favorite rapper I got a 100k to battle them June 25th at the BET EXPERIENCE!” tweeted Cannon. “#WildStyle Who should I get? These rappers scared!

Source: Vlad TV