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New Music- New Group 'Nothing Under A Million' Breaks Out!

Posted Jun 6, 2012

Nuthin Under A Million a phrase mostly all writers, artists and producers would love to set as a standard for every project they put out, is only the start of what is to come for N.U.M, this Los Angeles based five-some which consists of Tommy (TB), Milana, Tony, Shandra and David (DJ).

With intentions of only becoming a world-class house of producers and songwriters, Nuthing Under A Million had a lot more destined for them than they ever imagined.  As a variety of their hits blazed the charts, they found themselves being a much talked about international crave.

Nuthin Under A Million, also known as N.U.M., had no idea at the time that co-writing and demoing a record for producer friend Fuego would end up in the hands of 50 Cent.  His artist Hot Rod soon recorded the super track Dance With Me marking Billboard charts while still leaving TB and Milana’s vocal dynamics on the record.

Milana says, We started referencing our own records that we wrote and produced for other artists.  Record executives and A&Rs would want to leave our voices on the records and would ask why we weren’t a group, notes Shandra.  With these rave reviews, this power squad decided to run with the idea of becoming a worldwide recording sensation.

Honestly, we really never expected to be a group of artists expresses Tommy and now were being compared to heavy hitters like the Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta and Far East Movement.  Tony adds, It’s a compliment, but we are also unique in our own way.  Everyone is an individual artist that can stand alone and embrace their own identity, which makes the chemistry between us magical.

Nuthin Under A Million has also been featured on songs by Tenny Ten, Leslie David Baker, Nikki Murray, DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit, Wall-E Soundtrack and Dreamgirls Soundtrack, which have all played as massive contributions to their success. Their debut record The World is Mine which features Fuego, is house infused with pop and dance and a touch of euro swag and is a true essence of who they are.  “We want to transcend boundaries and make this a universal anthem”, adds DJ.  He continues, “It’s us.  It’s our sound.  Each member brings a different element to this group due to their versatile backgrounds which originate from Latvia, San Francisco, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Santa Barbara and genres ranging from House, Techno, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance and Gospel, which allows for an explosive performance that is undeniable and a must see by all.”

Here is our Q & A, as we sat down with the group:

HM: With the “reality” of key people behind the scenes becoming highlighted more often, do you think that helps writers, producers and artists such as yourselves?

NUM: Yes, absolutely we no longer have to be just behind the scenes.  It allows us as writers, producers, and artists to create a brand.  It also allows the fans to know who’s behind the music and to form a more personal connection with us.

HM: By combining all the different elements and backgrounds of each individual collectively, was creating a new type of sound the only option, because there are so many pieces?

NUM: We chose to create a new sound and a fusion of different genres mainly because all 5 of us come from different musical backgrounds.  We choose to be original.

HM: What is the process to creating a song as a group from start to finish?

NUM: We gain a lot of inspiration through melody concepts.  The track is usually created from that.  We then will each record what we call “mumbles” and from that we choose, composite and arrange what the verses, pre-chorus, and chorus will be.  Once the melodies or “mumbles” are com posited, we create the concept and lyrics and from that we have a hit song.

HM:  How do you balance working on projects for other artists as well as yourselves?

NUM:  We prioritize.  Everything is scheduled for us and we make good use of every minute we have.  Our manager also keeps us in check.

HM: You described your individual styles but what are your personality types?

NUM: Playful, energetic, loud, creative, obnoxious at times, and loving.

HM:  What projects are you currently working on?

NUM:  We are focusing on releasing our project at the moment.  Also, we have songs that have charted in the US, the UK, Italy, and Sweden. We just finished up a song for Adrian Bujupi. He was the Idol winner in Germany. The song we wrote for him, “Make You Mine.” is going to be his next single set to release late this quarter.

HM: Is there an artist you haven’t worked with that you would like to work with?

NUM: Sia, Adele, Pink, Drake

HM: Do you have plans to release any new projects soon?

NUM: Actually, yes.  We are currently putting the finishing touches on our EP.  The first single “Above The Pharaohs” is set to be released next month.  We’re also in preparation for the music video as well which we’re all excited about.  Our follow up single “The World Us Mine” will be released in July.

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By: Josayne M Anderson-Tejera

Music Correspondent

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