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New 'In Living Color' Rumor- Kanye West To Deliver Title Song!

Posted Jun 18, 2012

We are really bothered by all of the details that have been coming to us about the new dates on when the new 2 episodes of the new In Living Color is set to premiere so at this point, we are really trying to wait on an official word from FOX about the air date. The reason being is we have heard so many dates that we realized after talking to several folks behind the scenes, the they really have no idea on when they want to premiere the show, even though now the plans are for a fall premiere.

With all of that being said, we did hear -and confirm- that rapper Kanye West provided a new theme song for the opening credits titled The World of In Living Color, and we hear that once legal has confirmed this song, that portion of the show will be locked in. When it comes to anything else we will let you know because everything is changing constantly.

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