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New Ep: ‘The Musical Bootcamp’ With Actress Jazsmin Lewis!

Posted Oct 8, 2015

This past Wednesday was another great show of The Musical Boot Camp (formerly The Hollywood Nights)! With the success of the new show we just kicked off a new season and for our first episode we had guest judge Jazsmin Lewis! You may have seen her in several films such as Barbershop, Barbershop 2: Back In Business, and she is in the upcoming Barbershop 3! Lewis was also in the films Three Can Play That Game, Traci Townsend, How To Be A Player, Four Seasons, My Sister’s Wedding, and many more films just to name a few!

Anyway, Lewis joined judges Howard Hewett (of Shalamar) this week to judge the season premiere! As with the last cycle, we judge 10 new submissions from independent artists to crown the weekly winner that would eventually compete at the end of the 10 week cycle with the rest of the weekly winners for the GRAND PRIZE! (The grand prize for this cycle will be announced shortly!)

Our host Tanjareen kept it moving as usual for another great episode! With that being said, listen to the show and tell us what you think and check out what the winner won!

Check out the show below:

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