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New Ep. Of The Musical Boot Camp Featuring Dave Thomas (Take 6) & Marla Thomas (Love & Hip Hop Hollywood)!

Posted Sep 17, 2015

This past Wednesday was another great show of The Musical Boot Camp (formerly The Hollywood Nights)! The show was epic as our guest judges this week were Dave Thomas (of the musical group Take 6) and his wife Marla Thomas (of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood fame/ Fitness expert)! They were hilarious!

The Thomas’ joined judges Howard Hewett (of Shalamar) and Steven Russell Harts (of Troop) this week to judge the new submissions of songs from independent artists and the results were hilarious! Our host Tanjareen had her hands full just trying to keep them in the guidelines of the show! Oh yeah, it was another week where there were some more antics from gospel artist Eric Dawkins who popped by the show too! With that being said, listen to the show and tell us what you think!

Check out the show below:

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